At the interface between pharma, life-style and nutrients

Traditional food companies move in the direction of nutraceuticals and pharma companies start to explore life style driven nutritional supplements. The segment between traditional pharmaceuticals and classical food products has gained strong interest from both sides due its growth. This growth is driven by increased health-awareness in large parts of the society and a long-standing trend towards life-style improvements.

Challenges are equally high for potential entrants from both industries. In many cases, regulatory hurdles are substantially higher in the pharmaceuticals industry than in the traditional food business. Consumer driven business models differ strongly from the classical pharma model. Claims have to be evidence based regulatory-wise and simultaneously target the right consumer demands. Trends have to be sensed while clearly identifying those long-term trends on which to build a franchise.

In times of fast moving business models and new technologies shaking up the traditional healthcare industry, it’s even more crucial to source and manage innovative ideas effectively and sustainably. Collaborations are seen as one promising option to raise finance amid, share potential risks, boost research productivity and outcomes, discover new therapies – and therefore ultimately to reinvent the way healthcare is delivered.

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