Quite often, top-line and market share development of leading products and important brands remain behind expectations. Despite of having superior scientific and clinical data compared to direct competition, the product has not been able to fully exploit its market potential.


If initial hypotheses focus on potential shortcomings with regard to targeting & segmentation as well as to selling excellence (sales-force performance) the stradoo Accelerator® can quickly identify potential levers and define measures to improve performance.


Objective of the project


The objective of the stradoo Accelerator® is to support existing efforts of internal Marketing & Sales. During the initial project phases, which stradoo® will conduct in parallel, the joint project team will analyze all potential improvement levers alongside the 3 major dimensions: (1) targeting & segmentation, (2) marketing material and message, and (3) sales force performance and execution.

A dashboard can either be provided by stradoo® or be based on existing reporting tools within the client´s organization.

Implementation within sales force

During an implementation phase, stradoo® will support the client´s Sales Managers in implementing all findings in the fieldforce.

During such coaching and implementation sessions regional differences will be identified and respected. Consequentially, the specific actions required – per territory – will be derived. In addition, the Regional Managers will be supported by guiding them along a defined set of KPIs.

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