stradoo® gives counsel to its clients on how to professionally prepare and execute product launches.

Overall, an increasing number of companies are considering changing external support when it comes to preparing for new products and launch activities. Their objective is to establish an efficient launch organization and stringent processes in time before launch.

In such projects – based on previous project experience – stradoo® will provide hands-on knowledge on the required organizational setup and tasks to establish an effective launch monitoring system in the following.


stradoo® has customized its Launch Readiness approach explicitly taking into account the time until launch and the need for a pragmatic but systematic review. Our approach to ensure launch readiness entails hands on support and strategic sparring.

The project will ramp up by forming a joint launch team. Existing project tools and processes will be challenged. Additionally, a first overview – transparent for senior management – of the current status of launch activities will be created quickly.

During this ramp-up all relevant documents and presentations will be reviewed by the stradoo® team to bring all team members onto a homogenous level of knowledge.


Customize launch readiness checklist

stradoo® provides a proven launch readiness checklist containing >600 items relevant to successfully prepare a product launch. The checklist has been built throughout numerous launch projects and will be customized towards each client´s and each product´s needs. stradoo® will take into account all existing launch tracking lists and methodology existing at the client.

Adapting the checklist will not only serve as a red-line for the launch preparation but also provide the client with a sustainable guideline which can be used throughout the whole period of the remaining launch phase as well as for future launches.



Based on prior project experience, stradoo® will then conduct a series of structured interviews with relevant key personnel inside the clients organization. Interviews will include subsidiary and headquarter management in all key functions.

In the following, tracking and managing the status of the launch will be performed alongside the customized blue-prints. stradoo® will provide critical sparring concerning content and structure of existing planning and analysis (documents) indicating preparedness (in-time vs. delayed) and the level of impact for each activity.

To achieve these objectives, responsible managers will present their existing plans and documentation being a part of the total project team, thus allowing for critical sparring and discussion. A specific focus shall be put on how the future competitive promotion landscape could look like and how to obtain the required share-of-voice. A first estimation of what would be required in terms of investment and resources shall be discussed for the optimal launch scenario.

Monitoring the status of the launch has to specifically account for the different dimensions of the overall launch processes. The customization therefore will take into account that certain processes require alignment between the country and the headquarter organization.

The used methodology to assess readiness and impact of all launch activities will be precisely mapped within a matrix allowing the team to identify burning platforms. Identified burning platforms (activities with delay and high impact) will require immediate attention from the launch team.

Using a tried and project tested, “zero mistake” based concept of Launch Readiness preparation, stradoo® creates more “value” for its clients. In the following, please find the elements of an integrated value management system.

  • optimizing all business-related processes both on a corporate and on country level
  • value-oriented concept of leadership as a fair instrument for allocating resources
  • informing the company’s management and executives about the improvements in launch readiness on a monthly/weekly bsasis
  • building a fully operating and responsible launch team guided by launch blue-print, checklist and monitoring dashboard

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